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At Smarta Energy, we're more than just a company, we're a family of dedicated professionals committed to revolutionising how your business manages its energy needs.

Kieran Dixon

Managing Director

Meet Kieran Dixon, our visionary Managing Director, blending commercial finesse and a unique understanding of our clients' needs. His forward thinking spearheads our charge to revolutionise commercial energy management. 

Watch this space!

Steve Black

Executive Director

Meet Steve Black, the ultimate multitasking marvel! As the Managing Director of Smarta Water and the newly appointed Executive Director of Smarta Energy, Steve's energy is electrifying. Since entering the industry with N-Power, he's lead from the front and never looked back.


Juggling water and electricity? No problem for the experienced Steve Black! 

Diane Mitchell

Finance Director

Introducing Diane Mitchell, our feisty Finance Director and straight up numbers guru. Mastering the art of financial wizardry, she navigates the digits with finesse to drive our success! 

Serge Mazodila

Director of Trading & Risk

Introducing Serge Mazodila, our commodity captain and straight up markets master. Expert in the art of risk management, he navigates the peaks with finesse to deliver for our clients!

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